Kurai Kitsune

Furry character texture artist, creating content for 3D, gaming and VR applications.

British | United Kingdom

HI there! I`m Kurai

I have been creating digital artwork in my spare time for many years. I used to create 2D textures for use in SecondLife, but now with the advent of VR I have found new inspiration in creativity. Over the last 2 years in VRChat I have built up my current style of realistic fur patterns and now offer these services to the VR furry communities in applications like VRChat and NeosVR.

Rates and information

Custom commissions are currently closed

I will periodically open custom slots on Patreon, Twitter and my Discord communities.

Through Patreon I offer monthly avatar skin designs, avatar modifications and extra content from other projects to download and use. You can also request your own personal colouration of my designs!





  • Based on simple design ref sheets or pattern ideas. Includes detailed fur shading and Unity scene setup



  • Based on intricate design ref sheets or “No idea what I want” designs. 3D props/accessories possible.
    Fee based on time required.

Jex Colour


  • Your personal colouration of a Jex designed for the Rexouium avatar
    (Original design by Orange 04)

Simple design examples

Intricate design examples

Jexium recolour examples

Configure your own colour of the "Jexium" Jex design for the Rexouium avatar by Rezillo Ryker.
Now including the 10th Anniversary Jex design.
Click the link below, but be wary, the form may be disabled depending on workload.
If it is closed, you can still request one as your custom monthly recolour on my Patreon


Terms Of Service